Westone EPIC 2-Pin Replacement Cable Black - 1.3m

Westone EPIC 2-Pin Replacement Cable Black - 1.3m


  • £44.00


Westone EPIC replacement cable with 2-pin connector. Equipped with memory wire section, angled 3.5mm standard stereo plug, flexible cables that minimise microphonic noise and Westone proprietary round MMCX connectors.

Constructed of separate strands of high-flexibility, ultra-low resistance tinsel wire and reinforced with a special aramid fibre usually reserved for ballistic-rated body armour, Westone's unique EPIC (Earphone Precision Interface Cable) cabling is second to none in audio quality, comfort, and durability.

Westone's robust, braided design resists tangles, while the integrated slider keeps your earphones in place during activity. EPIC's over-the-ear cable design also offers superior in-ear comfort and isolation from mechanical cable noise.

Westone replacement cables will work with all models of Westone monitors and in ear earphones including ES, AC, UM2, UM3X and Westone 4R w/ Removable Cable monitors. 


Westone EPIC Cable


  • Twisted cable with 1.6m length (52 inches) and 2-pin connector
  • Westone EPIC earphone precision interconnect cable
  • Ultra supple braided design ensures comfort and resists tangles
  • Robust bifurcation with slide adjustment keeps cord in place
  • Over-the-ear cable design offers superior in-ear comfort and isolation from microphonics
  • Low snag, low profile right-angle 3.5mm connection is designed specifically for on-stage belt packs
  • Compatible with ES, AC, UM2, UM3X and Westone 4R w/ Removable Cable monitors


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