SoundMAGIC headphone cable (HP100, HP150, HP151 and HP200) - 1.2m

SoundMAGIC headphone cable (HP100, HP150, HP151 and HP200) - 1.2m


  • £12.00


A high-quality replacement cable made by SoundMAGIC. This single-sided straight replacement audio cable if suitable for SoundMAGIC HP100, HP150, HP151 and HP200 full-size headphones. It has the same design and build quality as the stock audio cable supplied with the original package.

This latest version of the SoundMAGIC headphone cable offers improved durability and highest signal integrity. With two 3.5mm jack terminations, one of which features SoundMAGIC's proprietary twist lock mechanism, the cable connects to the earcup of the headphones with a highly secure clench.

Both sides of the cable incorporate high-quality strain reliefs next to the jack. The housing of the plug is crafted from metal with gold plated connector. The cable shielding is durable and thick but still pliable enough to wrap easily for storage and travel.

Sophisticated signal transfer.



  • Suitable for SoundMAGIC HP1000, HP150, HP151 and HP200 headphones
  • Straight cable with 1.2m length
  • Dual 3.5mm cable terminations
  • Twist-lock mechanism on jack part of housing
  • Metal plugs with gold plated connector

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