SoundMAGIC foam eartips - 4.5mm nozzle (3 pairs) - medium

SoundMAGIC foam eartips - 4.5mm nozzle (3 pairs) - medium


  • £7.00


Replacement SoundMAGIC black foam eartips made of tapered foam offer extended sound isolation and durability. To achieve the best experience these eartips are compressed before insertion and expand slightly to create a comfortable and snug fit holding the earphones securely in place while blocking external noise.

With a nozzle diameter of 4.5mm these washable eartips are suitable to a variety of SoundMAGIC isolating earphones. SoundMAGIC foam eartips offer extended wearing comfort, highest sound isolation and enhanced sound quality.

Enhance your listening experience.



  • Replacement eartips made of ultra-soft foam material
  • Extended comfort and highest sound isolation
  • Fully washable design for long lasting pleasure
  • Standard nozzle size of 4.5mm
  • Suitable for a wide range of isolating earphones

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