Final Silicone Earphone Carry Case

Final Silicone Earphone Carry Case


  • £13.99


When earphones are rolled up and put in the user’s pocket or in a bag, or they are wrapped around the playing device they are being used with, a great deal of force acts upon them without the user being aware of it, and this may result in wire breakages. So as to be able to use the earphones for an extended length of time, Final recommends that you use a carry case for storing and carrying Final earphones around with you.

Within the silicone case, the earphones are softly secured between the thin dome-shaped silicon and the lid. The cable is wound around the circumference of the case, while the plug is stored in a separate space to the earphones on the bottom of the case.

With cases that store earphones securely, damage to the housing is avoided, but the cable being wound and bent in the same way each time means that wire breakages will be more common. With this structure, consideration for damage to the earphones and the position at which the cable is bent is not the same so as to prevent wire breakage are covered.


Final Silicone Case


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