Final E-Type Sonorous II Replacement Earpads - 1 Pair

Final E-Type Sonorous II Replacement Earpads - 1 Pair


  • £69.99


Earpads play a very important role in sound quality of Final headphones. With different earpad types you can experience changes in sound quality of the various Final headphone models. Final encourages you to try each type yourself to hear the differences. These earpads are the standard model for the Sonorous II headphones and are also suitable for Sonorous III, VIII and X.

A single-layer filter has been installed and an opening has also been created on the inner aspect of the earpad so that sound quality can be adjusted. Precision cut, and fused onto the inner frame with ultrasound, the smooth three-dimensional form offers just the right amount of tension.

Premium material utilised gives a pleasant and comfortable wearing experience that is highly ergonomic for hours if listening pleasure. These are the same earpads as supplied with the original package of the Sonorous II and are compatible with any headphone of the Sonorous range. There are differences in sound that each earpad achieves with different headphone models.

Shaping excellence.


Since the sound field feels larger than that of the standard earpads, this is a combination that opens up a different sound of the Sonorous III.

Since balance leans towards the mid- to high frequencies, Final does not recommend this combination.

Refreshing, invigorating sound. The brightness and spread of the mid- to high frequencies can easily be felt. A combination Final encourages to try.

Vocals sound bright and the outline of low frequencies can easily be felt. Tends towards high frequencies with an overall refreshing sound that is easy to listen to.



  • Standard feature model Sonorous II
  • Also suitable for Sonorous III, VIII and X
  • Synthetic leather earpads with thick, strong standard type sponge
  • Opening on inner aspect of earpad enables sound adjustment
  • Precision cut foam and ultrasound fusion adhesion to inner frame
  • Smooth, three-dimensional form with just the right amount of tension
  • Premium material with a pleasant texture


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