Final C71 MMCX Silver Coated Cable with 2.5mm L Plug with Ear Hook

Final C71 MMCX Silver Coated Cable with 2.5mm L Plug with Ear Hook


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Earphone audio signal transfer at its best, Final have developed IEM their earphone cables with high-purity silver-coated OFC cable and high-precision Swiss made MMCX connectors for the best signal transfer possible. Far exceed the regular pass criteria, the MMCX plug and the Balanced 2.5mm mini-plug can withstand more than fifty thousand bends. Included is also one pair of Final's clear silicone ear hooks.

Final have used high-purity oxygen free silver coated cables to provide a lucid, transparent tonality with the widest possible soundstage. Jointly developed with the Junkosha Corporation of Japan, the cables are also used in the latest supercomputers to produce lightning fast signal transmission speeds.

In the creation of its ear hooks, Final have paid close attention to how they feel when worn by the user. Final ear hooks are made of soft silicone and are smaller than standard ear hooks.

Pure transmission.


Final C71 2.5mm



  • High-purity silver-coated OFC cables provide wide soundstage
  • Precision Swiss made MMCX connectors
  • Includes one pair of clear silicon ear hook cable guides
  • Highly flexible to use while reducing unwanted microphonics
  • Collaboration with the Junkosha Corporation of Japan
  • Lightning fast signal transmission speeds
  • Insulator film made from JUNFLON PFA
  • Outer tube made from PVC for maximum flexibility
  • MMCX plug and 2.5mm mini-plug able to withstand more than fifty thousand bends



  • MMCX silver-coated IEM cable with angled jack plug
  • Ear hooks material: Soft silicon
  • Input: Balanced 2.5mm / 4-pin
  • Output: MMCX, angled type
  • Cable length: 1.2m


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