Dekoni Sheepskin T50RP Earpads EPZ-T50RP-SK

Dekoni Sheepskin T50RP Earpads EPZ-T50RP-SK


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Dekoni have created this premium earpad for the popular Fostex T50RP headphones and it is the easiest and most effective modification you can get for this classic headphone. The Elite earpad was designed with the discerning listener in mind as well as the casual listener who is looking for not only great sound but a great comfort.

Made of the softest lambskin leather, you won’t find a more comfortable earpad from anyone else. Combined with the YM80 slow rebound memory foam this is the pad to get if you want the ultimate in quality both of sound and of product.

This Sheepskin leather earpad fits both the T50RP MKII and the new MKIII model as well as the T20 and T40 RP headphones. Dekoni Audio’s Elite Line is the best in comfort and in quality.


Dekoni EPZ-T50RP-SK

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