Dekoni Platinum QC25 Earpads EPZ-QUIETC-PL

Dekoni Platinum QC25 Earpads EPZ-QUIETC-PL


  • £38.99


Dekoni Audio prides itself on being high quality, premium products made by musicians who know what music should sound like and also can appreciate the true comfort of a good headphone. With the Bose QuietComfort Dekoni wanted to emphasise the comfort while maximising the 'quiet' and leaving you in peace to listen to your music.

Dekoni Platinum series is a true protein leather cover over a slow rebound and dense memory foam that curves and contours so it's like you're wearing nothing at all. Dekoni Platinum earpads are a full-scale upgrade to your listening experience with better feel, sound and look than any earpad available.

Please note - non-standard pads may make noise cancellation less effective on the QC25.

Focus on your music.


Dekoni Audio EPZ-QUIETC-PL

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