Dekoni Hybrid TH900 Earpads EPZ-HD900-HYB

Dekoni Hybrid TH900 Earpads EPZ-HD900-HYB


  • £63.99


Dekoni Audio's Sheepskin and Fenestrated Sheepskin Earpads for the Fostex TH900 series of headphones has been the most popular modification option to hit the headphone since it’s release. This Hybrid model is set to knock those models off their pedestal. Dekoni Elite earpads incorporate high-density memory foam with superb contouring, slow rebound and the perfect fit for more isolation for better listening.

Dekoni Audio created this cross-breed from the best of all it’s pads and it represents the pinnacle of the Dekoni brand and the quality you’ve come to expect. By having a sheepskin outer ring you’re getting all the isolation you need, and when you combine that with the Elite Velour face you’re going to understand what Dekoni is all about. Add to the inside of the pad Dekoni’s Fenestrated Sheepskin and you lose none of the warmth of your headphone while getting the best sound possible.

Perfect balance of comfort and sound.


Dekoni Audio EPZ-TH900-HYB


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