Dekoni Fenesyrated HD800 Earpads EPZ-HD800-FNSK

Dekoni Fenesyrated HD800 Earpads EPZ-HD800-FNSK


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Born out of previous success with other models the Dekoni HD800 earpad carries on Dekoni’s tradition of excellence and quality in the headphone earpad space. This pad truly is an upgrade and should increase the soundstage as well as your overall spatial awareness inside the headphone. Dekoni Fenestrated earpads incorporate high-density memory foam with superb contouring, slow rebound and a perfect fit for more isolation for better listening. 

Dekoni Audio took their Elite Sheepskin line and found a way to make it even better. With precisely measured and cut holes this pad was designed to give a more true tone by providing a neutral sound absorption characteristic on the inside of the pad so just the good stuff makes it to your ears and you hear a more natural sound out of your headphone.

If you’re looking for an upgrade in sound and comfort for your Sennheiser HD800 then look no further than Dekoni Audio.The EPZ-HD800 earpads from Dekoni Audio also fit Sennheiser HD800S headphones.

Perfect balance of comfort and sound.


Dekoni Audio EPZ-HD800-FNSK

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