Dekoni Elite Velour ATHM50X Earpads EPZ-ATHM50X-ELVL

Dekoni Elite Velour ATHM50X Earpads EPZ-ATHM50X-ELVL


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Dekoni Audio has spent a lot of time designing and refining this earpad to be the most comfortable and best sounding velour earpad available. By using a tighter velour Dekoni has managed to make the earpad react more like a traditional leather or protein leather earpad in that you don’t lose the bass frequencies or the isolation as seen with most velour ear pads.

It still retains the comfort and coolness of velour, and paired with slow rebound, high-density memory foam Dekoni is famous for. This pad truly is an upgrade and should increase the soundstage as well as your overall spatial awareness inside the headphone.

These Dekoni Elite velour earpads fit the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X, ATH-M40, ATH-M30, ATH-M20, ATH-M70 headphones as well as the Sony MDRV-7506 and Sony V6.

Perfect balance of comfort and sound.


Dekoni Audio EPZ-ATHM50X-ELVL

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